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Hi, I am Emily Alexandra. I am a Marketing Communications and WordPress Divi specialist, and Managing Director of Joan and Daughters.

I help people and businesses translate their work into polished websites, outstanding content and clear copy.

I started Joan and Daughters specifically to help remove roadblocks for people who are forging a new path, creating their own jobs and for organisations experiencing change.

I have over 16 years of in-house international and local experience in education, corporate, engineering, local government and startups.

– I named my business after my grandmother, and her five daughters, to acknowledge the work of women in my family.

What clients say

“Emily’s ability to read between the lines and create a design that is exactly what I need is so helpful. I don’t have to explain every little thing, she just get is.”

Carol Schefflera

Managing Director and Founder, Johnson and Williams Architects

“My website is better than I imagined. Emily works efficiently & with a keen artist’s eye. The result truly represents me, my business and is something I am proud of!”

Chris Nankervis

Pianist, Accompanist, Chamber Musician and Music Teacher.

Working with Emily on my self promotion branding was a great experience. She brought to life my project in a way that I would never have thought of. Highly recommend.

Jes Egan

Operations Director, Linktree


– Domain names and hosting

I will guide you through buying or transferring your domain name and WordPress hosting plan directly with a trusted, reliable and secure provider. It’s usually around $15-$20 a year per domain name and $5-$40 a month to host the site depending on how much storage space you need and what their promotions are at the time. Their sign up requires a credit card and if your montly payment ever declines, your site is turned off so it’s important to consider. My fees are outlined below.


– Up and running $779

You need to get up and running and need the technical aspects set up so you can use your site straight away. This includes 1-3 pages that are mobile responsive and a quick video on how to edit and continue to build out your site. Best suits the DIY type who’s confident in editing the site once it’s set up.


– Full site $3279

This package delivers you everything you need for a fully responsive, 5-page website from start to finish. This includes content creation, stock image selection and placement, colour palette, content upload, font, plugin configuration, testing, security, forms, privacy policy and two hours of online training or support and edits.


– Ongoing support $60 per month

Websites need regular maintenance, attention, backups, security and updates which is covered on this care plan. When you want something changed on the site, it will be done for you. You will have your own login for autonomy as well. – Perfect for busy people, and a very wise move for the first year of your site.

All prices are in Australian Dollars.


$140 an hour

Daily, weekly or project rates are available.


Communications and marketing

  • Information Architecture
  • Website audits
  • Website management
  • Content management
  • Copy writing and editing
  • Social media
  • Newsletters and EDMs
  • Advertising
  • Internal communications
  • Publications
  • Print management
  • Event management
  • Art direction
  • Branding

Media and Public Relations

  • Media enquiries
  • Media releases
  • Media alerts
  • Media responses and approvals
  • After hours support
  • Photo opportunities
  • Press kits
  • Speech writing
  • Media monitoring and reporting.

Marketing Operations

  • Printing
  • Distribution
  • Project management
  • Vendor management
  • Customer experience
  • Business automation and systems
  • Strategic planning
  • Policies, procedures and processes.

All prices are in Australian Dollars.


Flora Stone Apothecary.

Chris Nankervis, Pianist.

Sticks and Bones BBQ.

Natural Pasta House.


“Emily is wonderful to work with. She has extensive knowledge and helped with the creative side and has progressed my business greatly! I highly recommend.”

Caitlin Covington

Clinical Herbalist and Founder, Flora Stone Apothecary

“The work paid for itself after about two months, and sales have steadily increased ever since! Emily cares and is honest about what’s best and why, is always quick to reply and very helpful.”

James Williamson

Managing Director, Betterstack

“Em you little legend, I am getting so many requests for catering WOOOOO! You have made my business so much more professional.”

Nicki Morrison

Founder and Executive Head Chef, Sticks and Bones BBQ