Don't have a website? Got writer's block?

Let's fix that.


Hi, I am Emily Alexandra. I am a website designer, copywriter and owner of Joan and Daughters.

I help people and businesses translate their work into polished websites, outstanding content and professional resumes.

I started Joan and Daughters specifically to help remove roadblocks for people who are forging a new path, or creating their own jobs.

I have over 15 years of international and local communications experience in education, engineering, startups and local government.

I named my business after my grandmother and her five daughters to acknowledge the work of women in my family.

Price list
Copy writing and projects

– Copy writing by the hour $95

I can write up some fresh copy for your website content, online courses and products. I also write; media releases, newsletters, social media posts, speeches, large publications, editorial or magazine articles, food menus, event experiences, your bio, policies, procedures, training manuals, advertising, flyers, real estate – and anything in between!


– Website edits by the hour $75

When you need someone to make changes on your site and/or show you how to do them.


– Day rate $645

Eight hours dedicated to your project or task of choice. This can be clearing a backlog of work, communications team support, operations support, copy writing, editing, website design, desktop publishing, business systems, one-on-one training, needs gathering and research, data entry and integrity, customer experience improvement, business and price modelling, content upload, or event support.

Price list

– Good bones $379

You need to get up and running. You are confident you will be able to update your site once it’s done, but you just need someone to set it all up properly. You only need 1-3 pages of good bones that are mobile responsive and ready to go. Additional pages can be added on for $79 each. I will place stock images and sample text in as placeholders and I will give you a quick video on how to edit your site.

– Full site $2350

This package delivers you a fully responsive 4-5 page website from start to finish, including content creation, stock image selection and placement, colour palette, content upload, font, configuration, testing, security, a privacy policy and three hours of training.

– Care plan $40 per month

Websites need regular maintenance, attention, backups, security and updates which is covered on this care plan. When you want something changed on the site, all you have to do is tell me and I will do it for you. You will have your own login for autonomy as well. – Perfect for busy business owners, and a very smart move for the first year of your site.

*Domain names and hosting are additional and we will set them up together on your credit card so you have full ownership ongoing. They are usually around $20 per domain name and about $20 a month to host (more if you need extra space).

Price list

– Do It Yourself $79

Getting impartial feedback on your resume after you have updated it, and before applying for a role is always recommended. In this package, I will give your resume a full proofread, review and highlight any concerns so you can then make any further updates DIY.

– Done for you $279

Your resume is one of the most important documents you own. In this package, I will go through your resume with a fine tooth comb, give you a call so we can go through it together in depth, I will ask clarifying questions, get you to gather missing details and info, I then fully restructure, reformat and desktop publish your resume for a completely refreshed document. It will be provided to you in MS Word so you can keep updating it in future years or paste it in to your designed template of choice.